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A variety of dust removal methods, corresponding to the multi-dust industry that can be processed

文章出处: Suzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Technology 人气:发表时间:2019-11-01 17:49:59

The electrostatic precipitator is based on the strong electrostatic field of the dust-containing vapor to induce the soot particles. When it is based on the ash-removing metal electrode, the positive / negative particles are attracted by the negative / positive electrode plate respectively to remove the vapor. Smoke and dust. Relevant knowledge points: Industrial vacuum cleaners for dusty manufacturing industry workshops



The wet test ash removal technology is to use the basic principle of vapor-liquid touch cleaning to separate the soot from the dust-containing vapor into the liquid to remove the soot from the vapor. Its ash removal efficiency is slightly higher than that of the foot-type dust removal equipment, but it is easy to cause secondary pollution of the cleaning liquid.

The production cost of wet dust collector is relatively low, but it is the most ideal ash removal method for dust containing moisture, viscosity and irritating odor caused by chemical industry, spray coating, glaze spray, color paste and other manufacturing industries.

Environmental pollution in the manufacturing industry is the most prominent environmental problem in the world at this stage. Because of the differences in various industrial production and processing technologies, the types of air pollutants caused are also different.



If smoke and dust are infiltrated when solving the industrial waste gas, the load of the industrial vacuum cleaner equipment will usually be too large, and the energy consumption will increase, which will cause mechanical failure. Taking activated carbon filtration as an example, if the organic waste gas is mixed with soot, it will slowly block the activated carbon micro-orifice, causing its suction capacity to decrease or even degrade, resulting in a high efficiency of activated carbon filtration and a reduction in the service life. Extravagance and waste. If a self-injection device is installed before the activated carbon filtering to carry out pretreatment of smoke and dust, the reasonable absorption life of activated carbon can be greatly increased, the operation efficiency is improved, and the maintenance cost is reduced.

Take the ignition method of industrial waste gas treatment machinery and equipment as an example. If smoke and dust are mixed in it and the analysis of its composition is not established or the response to the problem is not forward-looking, some chemicals in the smoke and dust will cause ignition. A large amount of dust or other air pollutants not only jeopardizes the actual effect of air oxidation, but also creates a new environmental pollution situation. It is necessary to improve the post-treatment process and promote the capital investment cost of a complete set of machinery and equipment.

The first ash removal is to enable the post-industrial exhaust gas treatment to be carried out in an excellent and suitable natural environment. Therefore, the high and low efficiency of ash removal also immediately endangers the post-industrial exhaust gas treatment efficiency.



The selection of dust collector equipment should be based on factors such as dust concentration, temperature, and air volume on the spot. The higher the efficiency of ash removal, the lower the gas dust content that the exhaust gas purification equipment resolves afterwards, reflecting the more natural the environment is. Excellent, the higher the efficiency of the complete set of equipment. Learn more: http://en.spuyi.com




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