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Accumulated dust is not removed in time with a vacuum cleaner, and cereal storage and transportation

文章出处: Suzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Technology 人气:发表时间:2019-11-16 16:45:03

With the development of modern professionalism, the danger of dust explosion has become a hot topic of industrial production safety.

Cereal dust explosion types:

Dust explosion can be caused by all grain and food industry dust, and dust from cereal manufacturing products. The grain dust in the explosion accident includes the production of cereal grains and the associated dust caused by the processing and storage of grain.

Cereal-associated dust: corn dust, wheat dust, wheat seed dust, maltose dust, oat dust, soybean dust, etc.

Production of powdered cereals: corn flour, whole wheat flour, soybean flour, soy flour, mung bean flour.


Pellet feed: pellets with mixed nutritional ingredients, fish bone meal, etc.

Cereal production products: infant milk powder, edible sugar, glucose powder, protein powder, coupling powder, soybean milk powder, etc.


Industrial vacuum cleaner


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Explosive risks of cereal dusts occur during the storage, handling, transportation and production of cereals. This is due to environmental factors. This kind of explosive event occurs because whole wheat flour, white sugar, soybean flour and other cereal dusts will definitely have dust in all normal work, and then with more and more, its mass concentration reaches a certain level. Easy to ignite, resulting in an explosion. In addition, the cereal explosion event is a multi-point explosion, which is difficult to control and damages.

According to Article 9 of the "Technical Standard for Explosion-proof Safety Factors for Dust Explosion-Proof Factors in Food Processing, Storage and Transportation Systems, GB 17440-2008,"

Dust removal should be an important part of grain storage and transportation, safety management of manufacturing enterprises and dust explosion-proof type.

The dust adhering to the ground, walls, machinery and equipment should be removed first.

Material spilled or blocked from machinery and slide pipes should be removed first.

When removing dust, avoid causing secondary construction.



Industrial vacuum cleaner

Therefore, in this kind of production workshop, we must always have a vacuum cleaner running to ensure that the dust concentration in the workshop will not reach the critical point of its explosion, and no accident will occur.



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