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Smoke temperature has an impact on increasing the service life of the dust collector

文章出处: Suzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Technology 人气:发表时间:2019-11-06 16:59:17

Bag type dust collector spare parts include: dust collector bag, dust collector frame, pulse solenoid valve, star unloader and screw conveyor and other conveying machinery and equipment.


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It is a university to choose and choose the accessories of the dust collector.

The bag of the dust collector is a bag dust removal device. The key is to consider the smoke and dust to achieve the ash removal effect. The materials are different, and it can be determined according to the characteristics of the dust.

The dust collector skeleton is also called the dust collector skeleton. It is called the rib of the bag dust collector. Generally, the surface layer is selected from hot-dip galvanizing, electrostatic spraying, anti-corrosion solution, surface silicone paint spraying, etc. Application of dust removal equipment for medium-sized diesel generators.



With the increasing attention to environmental protection, most companies under construction today must have dust collector equipment. The high efficiency of bag filtration and ash removal is extremely important.

Exquisite machinery and equipment, deep technical performance, excellent production process, rich experience in the production and manufacture of dust collector equipment, perfect management methods and sound ISO quality assurance system, and complete inspection methods can ensure that we bring you High-quality products and services.

At the time of designing the filter cartridge dust collector, generally, the design is designed to be vertically inserted or horizontally inserted. When the accumulated level of smoke and dust must be removed, the vertical installation is better to remove it, and the horizontal insertion type is likely to have dust accumulation.

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Cooling equipment

Due to the temperature of the dust, it can have a considerable influence on increasing the service life of the bag filter.



The hazard of ash removal frequency on the service life of the bag

The key factors that endanger the service life of the bag filter are the software environment, the textile method of the bag, the type of cloth, the ash removal method, the frequency of ash removal, and the friction between the bag and the dust collector frame.



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