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Different vacuum cleaner equipment and dust removal methods, treatment effect

文章出处: Suzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Technology 人气:发表时间:2019-11-29 16:40:30

The dust produced by different production and processing workshops is actually different. For example, the laser workshop, the cloth production workshop and the building materials workshop. The dust between these workshops is different in size and characteristics, so we are choosing to solve the problem These soot and dust workshop equipment, that is, when industrial vacuum cleaners, are also selected according to different types of dust.


Industrial vacuum cleaner

Filter cartridge ash removal

Clean and efficient secondary electrostatic industrial vacuum cleaner, low energy consumption of filter cartridge ash removal, no secondary pollution, large total filtering area, low cost of project investment, high efficiency of soot collection and resolution, especially for ultrafine particle soot s efficiency.

Big wind dust removal

Generally incorporated in the treatment of dust pollution with a large amount of dust particles, a large proportion of its one-time project investment, practical management methods are simpler, and dust collection is more convenient.


Industrial vacuum cleaner

Bag type industrial vacuum cleaner

Clean and efficient, second only to electrostatic industrial vacuum cleaners, low energy consumption, no secondary pollution, high efficiency in collecting and solving soot, very high efficiency for ultrafine particles, reaching about 95%, and convenient ash removal.

The work is stable, which is beneficial to the acquisition of dry materials. There are no industrial wastewater treatment, erosion and other problems, and easy maintenance. For some factories, this is suitable for use. The dust is normal temperature, so it is not easy to cause blockage when using this dust removal equipment.

Dust removal in wet test

It is suitable for the remediation of various soots, its capture efficiency is high, the project investment is low, and the actual operation and management methods are relatively simple.

However, the collected soot has a high water content. If this soot needs to be recycled, it must be de-dried; if it is transported immediately, the sewage will cause secondary pollution to the natural environment, so this method is generally less used.

The above are several different equipment and dust removal methods, and the use methods and processing effects.

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