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How to choose the model of explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner equipment?

文章出处: Suzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Technology 人气:发表时间:2020-01-02 17:03:40

The advantages and disadvantages of the dust collector equipment not only immediately endangered the operation of the explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner equipment, but also related to all the normal operations of the enterprise, the daily cleaning of the industrial park of the assembly workshop and surrounding residents, the destruction of the leaves of the centrifugal fan, and the service life.


Therefore, it is necessary to design a proper plan, select and use the dust collector equipment. The key is to take into account the project investment and operating costs of new projects, such as high ash removal and high efficiency, pressure hazards, credibility, appropriability, and maintenance management programs.


According to high efficiency ash removal requirements

It is critical to select explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner equipment that takes into account air quality standards. Different dust collectors have different ash removal efficiency. For the characteristics of many dust collectors that are not stable or fluctuating, we must attach great importance to the ash removal efficiency and the damage of drilling mud conversion to the ash removal efficiency.


Based on steam characteristics

Factors such as gas blowout, temperature, composition, and relative humidity of the air must be considered when selecting the dust collector equipment. Electrostatic precipitator is suitable for purifying flue gas with a lot of gas and temperature of 400 ℃, while bag filter is suitable for purifying 260 ℃ flue gas.


When the temperature is 260 ° C, the dust removal equipment should be cooled on one side. The bag of the dust collector can be used for the dust removal equipment. The dust removal equipment is not suitable for the purification of flue gas with high relative humidity and oil content.


Calculated based on pressure hazard and energy consumption

The friction resistance of the bag filter exceeds that of the electric dust collector, but compared with the total energy consumption of the dust collector equipment, the energy consumption is not large.

According to the characteristics of dust

The characteristics of dust include special resistance, particle size, flammability, flammability and explosion. The dust removal equipment is too large or too small, and the dust removal equipment is not easy to be harmed by the electrostatic precipitator. The ash removal concentration value and particle size distribution of the dust removal equipment are significant to the high efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator, but the damage to the dust removal equipment is not significant. When the ash removal concentration value is high, the ash removal characteristics of the explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner should be considered;

The above are the purchasing factors that we need to refer to when selecting the required dust removal equipment. You can learn about it and want to learn more about it: http://en.spuyi.com

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