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Can industrial vacuum cleaners not deal with the problem of fuel production dust?

文章出处: Suzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Technology 人气:发表时间:2019-10-19 14:30:37

I don't know if you have any idea about biomass energy fuel, which is generally produced from the materials of waste crops such as straw, which is both environmentally friendly and easy to use. It needs to have a vacuum cleaner on site to handle it, but the general industrial vacuum cleaners cannot handle it well. What should we do? Related knowledge points: the advantages of large vacuum cleaners must deal with the disadvantages of noise



Biomass fuel:

Biomass fuel refers to the various assimilation effects caused by the photosynthesis of plants using air, water, farmland, etc., that is, any organic chemical substances that can grow and develop are called biochemical substances.


Whether biological particles will cause smoke and dust pollution during the processing process depends on whether you take measures to protect the environment;

Smoke and dust environmental pollution is specifically manifested in two levels of institutional and non-organic sewage, and those with institutional sewage are exhaust pipes;


There are sometimes compound materials for the production of bio-particulate fuels, and air-drying and combustion-supporting processing technologies will cause some organic waste gas to be discharged according to the chimney;

In addition, the whole process of raw material accumulation will also have fine particles of smoke without institutional discharge, due to factors such as landforms, wind, wind frequency, average temperature, environmental humidity, and spacing of sensitive distances.


Countermeasures adopted:

Use of Suzhou industrial vacuum cleaners; the material storage place should be closed as much as possible or construction enclosures and covers; water spraying and dust removal; dust filter equipment at the construction site; dust extraction equipment at the exhaust pipe; sufficient sanitary protection distance between the factory area and other areas Set road greening.

The above are the emergence and treatment methods of the fuel production dust problem. The most convenient way is to use an industrial vacuum cleaner to deal with it. Learn more about vacuum cleaners: http://en.spuyi.com

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