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Common mistakes in the composition and use of industrial vacuum cleaners

文章出处: Suzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Technology 人气:发表时间:2020-01-18 14:36:10

Unlike ordinary vacuum cleaner industrial vacuum cleaner, it is to a little more complicated than ordinary vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners that we look at the composition, it is mainly what parts, as well as the use of industrial vacuum cleaners have a common misunderstanding, what does? 
, An industrial vacuum cleaner 
industrial vacuum cleaners The main power sources are motors, filter systems, trash cans, frames, power cords, and accessories: hoses, pickpockets, bristles, brushes, floor brushes, and so on. 
Industrial vacuum cleaners are mainly suitable for factories due to their high power and durability, long working hours, and high filtration accuracy.

What are the common misunderstandings in the use of industrial vacuum cleaners? 
 1. The customer received the vacuum cleaner and used it directly without looking at the instructions, because the improper use caused damage to the machine itself, such as using a vacuum cleaner that cannot absorb water to absorb water. 
2. During use, the hose is knotted and frequently folded, resulting in damage to the hose. During the use of the vacuum cleaner, do not frequent the hose to avoid knotting and other situations. 
3. The power supply does not have a grounding wire. In order to avoid electric shock and ensure the safety of electricity use, the power supply must use a grounding wire. 
4. When the wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner absorbs water, it does not follow the instructions. Take off the filter element and the dust and directly absorb water. After that, water will be drawn into the filter system, and then the water will be directly drawn into the motor and burned. 
5. The vacuum cleaner is not selected according to the actual situation. The selected power does not match. Too large and too small will cause unnecessary waste. 
6. The industrial vacuum cleaner trash bin has not been cleaned in time, and still continues to vacuum, causing blockages, reduced suction, and hot motors, which greatly reduces the service life of the machine. 
7. After the work is completed, it is not cleaned in time, so the garbage in the trash can will cause corrosion of the vacuum cleaner. 
8. Did not develop the habit of regularly inspecting the machine, so that the broken filter system is still in use, causing dust to be sucked into the motor, burning the motor, and causing unnecessary losses.