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Difficult to remove smoke? That is you have not mastered the correct dust removal method

文章出处: Suzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Technology 人气:发表时间:2019-11-12 11:25:55

In recent years, regardless of the requirements of simple parts or the materials of advanced machinery and equipment, judging from the relevant data statistics tables, the products manufactured using polymer materials are gradually increasing. However, this kind of goods will cause a lot of smoke and particles during laser cutting, turning, machining, grinding, polishing. Related knowledge points: Because of dust, many people are unwilling to engage in the textile industry.


Industrial vacuum cleaner

Therefore, it will lead to a bad working and production environment. Workers do not like to work in such a place, and production efficiency will decrease. So how to improve the office environment in the polymer material manufacturing and processing industry, we can do this:

Source processing

Mastering the production and processing technology flow in the production workshop, the reason caused by many soots is that there are no corrective measures for soot sources. To remove soot environmental pollution and safety risks, it is necessary to remove environmental pollution at the source of soot, and to disperse the soot and harmful substances emitted during the operation of production equipment in the production workshop.


Industrial vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaner

The tiny soot particles caused by high-dust materials during production and processing are very easy to be sucked into the lungs of the body by workers in the production workshop, or cause skin rashes through the skin;

The use of a professional bag industrial vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to deal with problems in industrial production, and it solves these soot problems well.

In addition, the lubricants and liquids used in the production process can also cause organic chemicals and vapors that are harmful to the body. Therefore, in the polymer material production and processing workshop, we must do a good job in manufacturing safety protection measures.

Industrial vacuum cleaners can be used in processes such as laser cutting, perforation, machining, manufacturing, grinding, and polishing that are likely to cause soot. At the same time of production and processing, the soot that appears will be immediately removed and removed.



Industrial vacuum cleaner

Layout and management plan of using bag industrial vacuum cleaner

Of course, there are differences in different regions and companies when building factories. This requires professional and technical personnel to design effective dust management solutions for customers based on the overall structure of the production workshop, and to achieve high-efficiency soot removal according to the pipeline layout. Among them, the more critical point is that different dust collectors are used for remediation according to the nature of the dust in the production workshop. Learn more: http://en.spuyi.com/