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Try to avoid the danger caused by the explosion of floating dust in a safe way

文章出处: Suzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Technology 人气:发表时间:2019-12-13 16:47:06

Along with the development trend of industrialization, industrial production is the driving force of people's social and economic development, and also promotes the development trend of the main production force.

However, the following difficulties must also be reported to everyone, including environmental pollution. The transition of floating dust in industrial production is uncertain. The explosion events caused by floating dust continue to increase worldwide. The risk of explosion due to floating dust has become a hot topic in the industrial production security securities industry. People want to reduce the risk of explosion of floating dust.

Perhaps because of the requirements of the production process, the risk of explosion of floating dust cannot be completely removed. Therefore, reasonable preventive and safeguard measures are indispensable.

Engineering projects and technical countermeasures that are aimed at reducing the risk of economic losses of commercial entities can be divided into two categories.



Open flames are not allowed; for example, strict requirements for heating business processes, application of explosion-proof electrical equipment and maintenance of electrical equipment (reducing the probability of power generation), maintenance of dust-installing machinery and equipment (reducing the probability of overheating of machinery and equipment), and smoking are strictly prohibited;

Limit dust accumulation; for example, regular maintenance and cleaning of dust in equipment, piping, and the surrounding environment. In fact, such precautionary measures can reasonably reduce the frequency of explosion of floating dust, and in most cases, it is easier to implement and the cost is lower.

Safeguard measures: This key refers to the application of explosion, explosion-proof and explosion-proof methods in risk areas or machinery and equipment. According to technical professional explosion-proof dust removal equipment, vacuum cleaners and construction engineering design, try to avoid the hazards caused by the explosion of floating dust by safety methods. 

此文关键字:Try to avoid the danger caused by the explosion of floating dust in a safe way