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Do these things so that the vacuum cleaner will not have serious consequences during operation

文章出处: Suzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Technology 人气:发表时间:2019-11-27 14:46:11

Before the equipment is running, we need to check the vacuum cleaner, and first determine whether the equipment is normal and intact, but this does not mean that the equipment can be turned on and then left alone. We must pay more attention to safety in its operation. The risk of accidents is higher at high speeds.



For safety, we need to do these things while the vacuum cleaner is running:

Residual water from buffer tank and air compressor air tank is released on time.

Regarding the rotating single-pulse bag filter, the operation of the rotating tissue is regularly maintained.

Regularly maintain the power supply, air control circuit and main parameters in the spray cooling system.

Regularly maintain the smooth condition of the liquid level sensor's pressure taking pipe. Any obstructions found should be handled properly.


vacuum cleaner

Safely inspect the operation of the ash removal equipment on time. If you notice abnormalities in the pulse solenoid valve (leakage, damage to the pulse damper, blockage of the safety channel inside the valve, failure of the relay, etc.), or switch the valve to open or close in time and leak steam , Or the shaking organization is not working, should be handled properly.

The working attitude of the air compressor (Roots blower) is inspected on time and safely, including the amount of oil, the working pressure of the exhaust pipe, and the rising time of the working pressure.

It is advisable to inspect the dust bag in a timely manner to observe the damage, and if necessary, to check the compressive strength attenuation coefficient and predict the analysis of its service life.

When the ash ash bucket is unloading, the operation of unloading and half-loaded ash conveying shall be checked simultaneously. Appropriate handling occurs.

Safely inspect the working pressure of the pressure regulator air bag on time. When the working pressure is higher than the limit or lower than the lower limit, the fault detection should be checked regularly.

Often concerned about the value of the dust concentration at the inlet and outlet of the dust removal equipment. If it exceeds the standard, and it is clearly caused by the damage of the dust bag, the dust bag or the temporary sealing leak bag should be replaced immediately.


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If all of the above things have been done, I believe that even if we have any problems when using industrial vacuum cleaners, they can be resolved immediately, without causing more serious consequences.

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