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Design of dust removal solutions for flour mills using industrial vacuum cleaners

文章出处: Suzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Technology 人气:发表时间:2019-12-07 11:23:00

With the development trend of industrialization, the transformation of floating dust in industrialized production is uncertain, and the explosion events of floating dust in the world have increased. The explosion risk of floating dust has become a hot topic in the industrial production security securities industry.

In the overall design of industrial vacuum cleaner silos, consideration should be given to adopting explosion-proof countermeasures in the silo production workshop to facilitate the protection of silo pipes and company offices and dormitories. No more than 10 people, can set up 2 safety aisles, fire evacuation corridor 1 meter.

The key explosion-proof countermeasures used in the selection and installation of electrical equipment during processing are: effective design schemes, proper selection, all normal maintenance, compliance with actual operating standards, manipulation and removal of open flames, avoidance of friction, impact fire, removal of sparks, Fires, explosions, simplified production processes, application of several lifting platforms and recycling equipment.


Design scheme of industrial vacuum cleaner in flour mill:

The first consideration is safety wind power, and economic development wind power, so that the wind network can operate normally;

The second is that under the premise of the amount of air in the vacuum cleaner, when the wind network has two vertical and horizontal cross sections, the wind should consider the horizontal cross section, that is, the wind should ensure that it is not easy to accumulate floating dust during all normal operation of the gas network.

Therefore, when you design the whole process of the wind network, the wind is generally 14 meters / second. Practice shows that there is no dust accumulation in the whole process of ash removal, and the actual effect is excellent.

Third, in a group of wind networks, if the inlet point is far from the electric fan, the wind force should be slightly larger than other points, which is conducive to industrial dust removal. In short, the closer the electric fan is, the higher the wind power of the ventilation duct in the natural ventilation dust network, the greater the convergence, the longer the level pipeline, the higher the wind power, the purer the wind power, and the wind power will decrease slightly.

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